I love shoes…

Hey hey! So, I may have gone a little crazy with my last pay packet. I pretty much spent the whole thing on SHOES! I seriously love shoes. Shoes are life. I could not live without shoes.

In total I’m pretty sure I bought around 8 pairs of shoes. I’m sharing this with you guys because I have to show you my two favourite pairs.image

I am obsessed with Doc Martens. In total I own 9 pairs…yeah…I don’t intend to stop there! These beauties are called Doc Marten Baynes. I, of course, couldn’t make up my mind on my favourite colour so I obviously had to purchase both.

What I love about these beauties is that you don’t have to go through the whole ‘breaking in’ process because they are so unbelievably comfortable. Imagine walking on clouds? That kind of comfort. I have also found that they go with pretty much everything I wear too. They’re just so cute.

I have worn both pairs a few times now and I’ve had a lot of comments on them! Everybody loves, understanably, and are quite shocked when I tell them they’re Doc Martens! They are different from the classic boot, yeah, but I like that. I love switching it up and trying different styles.

Any DM lovers on here?! How many pairs do you own and which are your favourite?! Please let me know as I’m always, ALWAYS looking for new Docs to purchase and love forever and ever.

I hope you enjoyed this post, am I classed as a blogger yet or am I still a little too rusty? šŸ˜‰

pocketfullofsomething xx



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