Kylie Jenner Lipkits!


So, I had a great post day the other day…My order of Kylie lipkits arrived!!! I cannot actually tell you how excited I was.

They are so beautiful it hurts.

Wordpress picture - Exposed and True Brown K

In this photo I am wearing only the liners. I am wearing Exposed all over the lips, such a beauty of a colour. I am also wearing True Brown K, around the edges of the lips. If I’m honest, I think the two colours together are absolutely gorgeous!!!

I ordered 12 colours:

  • Exposed
  • True Brown K
  • Dead Of Night
  • Skylie
  • Freedom
  • 22
  • Kourt K
  • Koko K
  • Mary Jo K
  • Posie K
  • Dolce K
  • Candy K

The first day I got them, I tried on a few(obviously). It wasn’t easy to do one after the other. These lipsticks are so great and long lasting that I actually had to scrub the colour off! A little bit annoying, but will be amazing for days that I am out all day or nights out! I’ll be drunkenly thanking Kylie, the lady herself.

My favourites so far are Exposed and True Brown K. I have been wearing the liners more than the actual lipsticks. The liners glide on so easily, it makes applying lipliner such a breeze. The lipsticks are also lovely to apply, and they dry so matte. I’m just so in love.

I want to write a blog post telling you my reviews on all of the colours I received. I will do that really soon with photos of me wearing the colours.

I want to try and write a blog every single day. I’m still very new to all of this and I’m still not overly sure if I’m doing this right but I want to make it right as blogging is something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time. I figured posting every single day would give my blog more of a chance of getting noticed and I actually wanna meet some great people on my blogging journey.

Hope you’re going to have a great weekend,


pocketfullofsomething xxx



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