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exciting news, discounts and super duper cool accessories


So really exciting news. I have just purchased a really beautiful bracelet from Mieroglyphs! This brand is so amazing because they are all for helping the environment. Their products are 100% vegan, and made with a whole lot of love. You can buy with either 50% sustainable materials or 100%. They are long lasting and look cute and classy at the same time.

Wordpress photo - mieroglyphs

Each and every bracelet has it’s own design. You and also customise the script on the inside cork material. Brilliant, juuuust brilliant I tell you! Wanna know something even better? You can buy a pet collar to match your bracelet! You could be matching your beloved dog or cat…what more could you want?

Here is the lovely ‘Wynwood‘ bracelet. This is the one I have ordered!

Wordpress photo - mieroglyphs bracelet


I am so, so excited for it to arrive in the post. Like, seriously, how cute is that?! The owner of this wonderful brand told me that this particular design was inspired by her hometown, Miami. There are so many beautiful designs other than the one’s featured in this post.

One more thing…I have a discount code for you lovelies! Type in SOMETHING10 to get 10% off of your purchase! Yay!!! Check them out…you won’t regret it!


pocketfullofsomething xxx



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