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Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar

Good afternoon my lovelies,

What is going on with this weather? To be honest, I kinda enjoy miserable weather. I am that person that prefers winter so I can wrap up in heaps of layers over wearing next to nothing in the summer heat! My pale skin just can’t handle that sun malarkey.

So, I wanted to write this as this morning I used a palette I haven’t used in a while and yeah…I fell in love all over again. I am a bit of a sucker for shimmery colours at the moment. If it shimmers, I must own it.

So, the wonderful palette I fell in love with all over again is the Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar by Makeup Revolution. Man oh man, that stuff is beaut.

Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar.

 For me, Makeup Revolution completely win when it comes to highlight. LOOK AT THOSE COLOURS. Sadly, I didn’t get my favourite highlight in the photo but this palette is to die for. If you own this, you know what colour I mean!

After using this palette for contour and highlight, I couldn’t resist trying on that lovely orange/brown/gold number on my eyelids. I’m so glad I did as I think I’ve just found my new favourite everyday shadow!



How lovely does that look?! I love the way the colour made my blue eyes stand out that little bit more.

I have very pale skin and I was really surprised at how nicely this colour went with my skin tone. Loooooove it.

More reviews to come for Makeup Revolution as I have tons of other palettes I love just as much as this one, or maybe a little bit more!

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pocketfullofsomthing xxx


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