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Makeup Revolution Haul

Hello my lovely people,

So, today I had a rather good post day! I received a whole lotta Makeup Revolution goodness!


Starting from the front working my way back, I’ve got:

  • ICONIC 3 eyeshadow palette
  • FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE eyeshadow palette
  • FLAWLESS eyeshadow palette
  • MERMAIDS FOREVER eyeshadow palette
  • ILLUMINATING BLUR PRIMER(not shown in photo)

One of the best post days ever if I do say so myself! The colours in these palettes are literally amazing. So beautiful and pigmented but my favourites at the moment are the shimmery colours!

Let’s have a look at my views once opened…


Pretty beautiful, right?! I AM SO IN LOOOOOOOOOVE RIGHT NOW!!!

As you can imagine I’m going to be using this a hellaaaaa lot in the future…will post some photos of my make up in the days to come! Once I’ve used them all I will share my favourite colours with you, although, they’re probably all going to be up there in the favourites!!

Don’t forget to follow my Instagram(@pocketfullofsomething0) and Twitter(@pocketfosblog) accounts. I post on those daily.


I hope you have a wonderful week my lovelies, until next time!

pocketfullofsomething xxx


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