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Good evening my lovelies,

I have been a little bit obsessed with palettes recently…I just cannot stop buying them. I bought loads of palettes ages ago, never used them and they literally sat in a pile for a good year BUT recently I discovered how pretty they can be and how much fun they are to play with.

I am absolutely obsessed with Makeup Revolution palettes. They are LIFE. If you read my blog then you’ll know I’ve been obsessing over MakeupRev.

I actually popped into my local Superdrug store the other day and picked up some more, wait for it…palettes! I Heart Makeup palettes! They have a beautiful line and obviously I had to buy all of them… Would have been rude not to…right?



I fell in love with this palette the first time I set my eyes on it. Look at those colours!

I’m loving pale colours at the moment but I love that this one also includes some deep colours such as the blue and the orange.



I like this one because it includes some really in yo face colours such as the pink, red and orange.

I’m really into trying new colours on my lids, I’ve decided that wearing the same make up every single day is pretty BORING hence all the palettes at the mo…





I love all of these colours as they are good for everyday wear whether it be school or work, they are all pretty, natural and stripped back!




Sorry about the lighting in this one, for some reason I couldn’t get it quite right.

Look at those colours, huh?

I guess some of the colours in these palettes are similar to the other palettes but I have this problem where I have to buy the whole lot, not just one. Do you get that? #makeupaholic

The design of the palettes drew me in straight away as they are CHOCOLATE and I love chocolate..who doesn’t? I took a quick peek at them inside and purchased straight away. They were very low cost too which is fab, like, I literally cannot believe that they only cost £7.99 each! What a bargain! It does genuinely amaze me because the quality is so good and they are all so pigmented. I’m welllll chuffed.

I hope you enjoyed this, I am going to be posting up make up looks using these palettes in the future!

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Happy Tuesday my beauties

pocketfullofsomething xxx


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