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Good afternoon my lovelies,

I literally haven’t blogged in so long and I’ve been kicking myself and kicking myself but sometimes life really gets in the way. 

Anyway, I am back to blogging for good now! I have some amazeballs posts coming up because I have jumped on the SHOPMISSA bandwagon!

In my spare time I love to watch YouTube. I love tutorials, hauls, first impressions…you name it, I watch it. I have watched YouTube since I was a nipper because I literally don’t think there’s anything more satisfying than watching someone apply their gorgeous makeup! So yeah I watch YouTube in my spare time and recently, all of a sudden, I’ve been seeing all these SHOPMISSA hauls! 

SHOPMISSA is a $1 site full of makeup and accessories(I know right, $1? WTF). I am buzzing to receive my order as I’ve ordered a ton of good quality makeup at an insane cost. The total spent on SHOPMISSA without postage was $50. That’s 50 pieces of make up/palettes!!! WOOOP.

Another delivery I’m excited for is from E.L.F (eyes lips face). Just the other week I was thinking how much I miss their 50% off sales and the next day I was browsing through Facebook and see E.L.F declare a 50% off sale! I was beyond excited and spent a grand total of £60. That’s £120 worth of make up coming my way! I AM SO EXCITED

Keep an eye out for more posts as these very exciting orders will be arriving anytime now! I can’t wait to try the SHOPMISSA make up and let you know what it’s like!

ALSO make sure you’re following my blog’s Instagram(@pocketfullofsomething0) and my blog’s Twitter(@pocketfosblog) as I post on them daily!

Love you all xxx




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