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Makeup Revolution Calendar Update…

Good evening my lovelies,

I cannot believe it’s the 21st December already! When I received the calendar I remember thinking that it’s going to take bloody ages to get to 25 as December normally drags like a mother effer. NOPE, NOT THIS YEAR.

I haven’t shown you the goodies I’ve received in this calendar since the 7th so here we go!





A pretty pink sheer lipgloss! I don’t really wear lip gloss PURELY because I want to rip my hair out every time it gets stuck to my lips!

This item is actually in my giveaway…check it out!






I really love this one.

Nudey lipstick!






DAY 10

A cute little bronzer. I probably won’t use it as a bronzer as I think I’d prefer using it on my eyes!






DAY 11

LIPSTICK. I am SOOOOOO in love with this. I absolutely love dark vampy purple shades. I actually used this on my eyes last night(not weird I promise) and it looked so beaut. Blended really nicely on the lids but yeah…can’t wait to use on my lips.





DAY 12

I am so into skin makeup at the moment so I was proper chuffed to get an eye primer. Primers are life. Makeup is life.






DAY 13

SO excited about this one. This is one of their Mono Eyeshadows in the shade ‘PAPER LUXE’. Absolutely gorgeous.






DAY 14

ANOTHER very pretty Mono Eyeshadow in ‘NEW TRAL RED’. Such a pretty colour!







DAY 15

A very nice little mirror. I don’t normally buy or use mirrors like this but it’s free and Makeup Revolution so of course I LOVE IT.







DAY 16

MMMMMMMMMMMMMM. You can NEVER have too much highlighter. Ever.

In love with this Baked Highlighter.





DAY 17

Another pretty sheer lip gloss. This reminds me of the 2true lip gloss they used to sell in Superdrug?!

This little beauty is also in my giveaway!






DAY 18

I have turned into such a brush person (is that even a thing?)…

Honestly though I absolutely love brushes and can’t get enough of them. Whatever shape or size I need it even if I already have 5 of the same one…




DAY 19

Oh. My. Goodness.

How beautiful is this colour?

This is another one of their GORGEOUS mono eyeshadows in ‘VELVET LUXE’. I might just have to wear this every day for the rest of my life…that ok?




DAY 20

Hell yeah buddy. I love, love, LOVE a brush…

And it’s small and cute…how could you not love it?






DAY 21

Yeah. Kind of obsessed.

This is one of their baked blushes in ‘BANG BANG YOU’RE DEAD’.

I love it so much and it’s so pigmented. Going to give this little gem a go tomorrow.



WEELLLL that is all for now my lovelies but I hope you liked this post and hopefully you’ve all got an amazing beauty calendar this year with a gorgeous little gem behind every door.

Speak soon xxx



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